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How our website is getting ready for the future

We implemented newer technologies to make a universal user experience on all platforms.

Currently, we created the website using responsive design to allow visitors to use the site regardless of their platform. This helps streamline development and allows great visibility from mobile phones to high-resolution devices.

We are slowing adding new features and improvements.

The website is always a work in progress. Whether it is updating the meeting times to adding major improvements, there will always something new to look forward to.

We want to improve the longevity of the website and archive the past and cherish it.

Over time, it becomes difficult to tidy up, update the pages, and remove or archive old or outdated information. We want the website to provide new and up-to-date details along side the history of the group.

Current Changes

This is our initial push to a better web experience for our visitors and members.

Future Sections

We are gathering ideas and getting ready for new changes.

These are the current ideas we have in mind for the website:

  • Projects - showcasing what projects we have done as an organization
  • Conventions and Events - displays future, current, and past events that we've been a part of
    * Annual Hack Arizona Convention page - Largest hackathon in the Southwest
  • Past Leadership and History - start moving relevant old site information and historic information to a new section on the website
These ideas are subject to change at any given time.